McCabe Art


Fotia the Phoenix


Created in Summer 2017, Fotia was born in the year of the fire rooster. She is constructed of redwood, cedar, copper, steel, glass and vine maple by twenty-one collaborating artists and countless helping hands. Designed and led by artist Clay McCabe, Fotia represents strength, resilience, potential for growth and renewal in the chaos of the world. This chaos is our fire and from the fire there is opportunity to rise anew.

Fotia debuted in July, 2017, at the Oregon Country Fair and has been showcased at the Global Eclipse Gathering 2017 and Lightning in a Bottle in 2018. 


Fios the SeaStallion

A giant mythical seahorse, created in Summer 2018. He floats at 11’ tall and is handcrafted in nearly every way imaginable from design to finishing details. Fios was inspired by the wisdom and understanding of water and the power it holds. He is constructed of cedar, copper, brass, steel, blown glass, acrylic, and LED lights. Project lead design and fabrication by Clay McCabe, co designed and fabricated by Brandon Shaw, Eleanor Buell and Sarah Meyers. Lighting design by Yona Appletree of Light at Play. This creature is one of collaboration, emotional wisdom and the teachings of where we have to grow in ourselves as artists and creatives. Huge gratitude to all of the helping hands who gave so much love to this project.

Fios debuted in July, 2018, at the Oregon Country Fair and at the Portland Winter Lights Festival 2019. 

Where else might Fios travel to?

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